Thursday, October 9, 2008

Terra Cotta Warriors and night time fun

We were busy, busy, busy Thursday.

First, we went to the Terra Cotta Warriors museum. China's first emperor, Emperor Qin, decided he needed an army with him in the afterlife, so he had a huge army made out of clay. This army was buried for 2,000 years before farmers digging a well found the first remnants. So far, they have uncovered and pieced back together some 6,000 terra cotta soldiers and horses. It's quite impressive. Our driver, Mr. Bai, was kind enough to bring along a stroller, which Jake used and enjoyed. He was a little emperor himself as we carried him up and down stairs strapped in the stroller.

Later Thursday, we went to the water fountain light and music show in Xian. It was featured on the Travel Channel during China Week when Samantha Brown did the show on Xian. It didn't start until about 8:40 p.m., which is 40 minutes past Jake's bedtime, so it was his first late night. We're glad we kept him up because he had a good time. He liked the bright lights and he has a thing for water fountains, too. He fell asleep during the taxi ride back to the hotel (which was an adventure all itself. LOL)

It was a long day for Jake, but he was a little trooper. There weren't many fits and they were short-lived.

Enough words. Here are the pictures.

This is an overall view of the biggest pit at the Terra Cotta Warriors museum. This building is huge.

Here's another view of some of the Terra Cotta Warriors.

It wouldn't be right to not show some horses.

It's silly and touristy, but they put Violet's face on one of the Terra Cotta kneeling archers.

And Kevin had to become a Terra Cotta general.

On the way back from the Terra Cotta Warriors, the tickle monster attacked Jake.

Pure cuteness.

Jake with Kelly, our guide. She is a truly wonderful person. She is so helpful and so knowledgeable about everything. We are so lucky to have her as our guide in Xian, and she will travel with us to Guangzhou.

Jake with Mr. Bai, a wonderful driver and a very thoughtful man. He's always there to get the door and either handle bags or Jake while we get in or out of the van. The stroller he brought along Thursday was wonderful and very much appreciated.

The moon over the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, near where the water fountain show was.

A view of the fountain show. There were so many people there, and they apparently do this every night.

More fountain show.

More fountain show.

One more from the fountain show.

And finally ...
Jake watching the fountain show. Watching him was probably more fun than watching the show.


Cindy said...

That's just way cool. What a wonderful trip and time with your son. It's good you're taking lots of pics to show him later on about this fascinating country he comes from. We miss you here, but we're getting along. Keep having a great time!

The Gang's All Here! said...

I totally forgot about the water/light show until I just read it here now. We saw the same SB special and noted that we'd love to see it and forgot all about it till now! Ugh.

Love the pic of him all bundled up watching the show with wonder in his eyes - totally sweet!

Deb&John said...

Wait til he gets to see all the lights at Christmas Time.
Love the picture of General Kevin.
Glad you all are having fun but can't wait til you all get home.

Shannon & Dan said...

Oh, we are a little late but want you to know we are so happy for you guys! You all look so happy and your new little man is just precious. We'll keep checking in!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I saw your link on RQ - what an awesome experience...
As a matter of fact... we are going to DC in December to the Smithsonian to see the TerraCotta Warrior Exhibit... my one dream place for as long as I can recall to see...