Thursday, August 25, 2011

Out with the old and in with the new

I absolutely loved the header I created for blog to the point where I resisted changing it for nearly three years.
But with the advent of Jake entering "Big Boy School" and the fact he's almost 5 years old, I figured the photo on the header of the not-quite-2-year-old reaching out to his new Mom or Dad in China needed to be updated.
All good things must come to an end, but I decided to post the header here so it could live on in his blog. The beauty of closing one door is finding the wonderful things in store behind the next.
Can't wait to explore them with my ever-growing, ever-learning and ever-wonderful son and husband.
Our family.

Old header – Jake a few weeks shy of 2 years old:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First day of school

Today was Jake's first day of "Big Boy School." He's been going to school at daycare for a couple of years, but this is the big jump into our local 4-year-old program.
It was a big day with speech session, school, karate, and he handled it all like a trooper and was excited. He said he likes his teacher and his new school.
Here are some photos from Day 1:

Jake posing by his new school sign. Don't worry, the bird is potty-trained (nice positioning Mommy!):

Daddy and the Little Man on their way:

One of Jake's task every day is to hang up his backpack under his name all by himself:

Because he was quiet and criss-cross he was one of two selected to participate in the Pirate station, the popular place to be:

He was a little shell-shocked just because of the newness. Teacher told him to sit on the rug, and when he did he sat on the "J." Violet asked if did that on purpose, and he looked at her like, Wha??!!:

Waiting for the bus!:

Jake got on the bus with Mommy for his first ride and proclaimed, "This is the best bus ride ever, Mommy," just before he smiled this heart-stealer!:

Days of first

Jake took a big step in his life today, as he entered "Big Boy School," and I'm not sure how I have felt about my Little Man growing up this summer right before my eyes.
I remember the day it happened, on a Saturday, right after one of Jake's friends had a birthday party and Jake decided he wanted his hair buzzed off like his friend. Oh, it wasn't the hair cut, but the way my suave, debonair guy acted afterward.
I have the pictures to prove it: That morning he's grinning like an little imp at the camera during the party and then after his haircut he's all sultry and acting about three times his age.
And that was not all. Suddenly he was half-a-head taller and talking better and coming up with more mature thoughts and plans.
And, now, he is going to school. Yes, he has gone to "school" at daycare, and this is only a half-day 4-year-old program, but it is the beginning of an education that will lead him to great things.
It is the beginning.
No more picking up to take off whenever we feel like it. Now there is school to consider. Bedtimes are earlier and homework will come. There will be questions I don't remember the answers to and angst about various and sundry things that come with childhood.
But we will face them together, as we overcame the first day.
Another day of firsts.
You know, like many children born, Jake came into our lives sort of kicking and screaming, not knowing who we were or really how he came to be in our arms.
Those days are long ago and far away.
We spend so many years planning for our child, even before our adults lives, that it is strange to hold on to them and see the years go by and milestones grow even as his measurements increase on the growth chart.
I always will remember this day, Jake's first day of school, and I look with sadness and anticipation for the rest of our lives.
violet (aka Mommy)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beach Blast

We spent last week at the beach, well, as close as we are going to get for awhile. LOL
Beach Blast vacation Bible school ended Friday with a final program and a hot dog supper.
The kids were a blast to work with, and Jake had a lot of fun, especially since his friend Marossie attended, too.
Jake's favorite lesson was learning about Jesus dying on the cross. We talked about why he did it, which was to save all of us so we can all get together in heaven!
Of course, his favorite thing was playing with friends.
Here he is in the final program singing a little Beach Blast!