Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let it snow ... NO!

This is what we woke up to today. It started snowing Thursday afternoon and continued through most of Friday. Throw in a little sleet and frozen rain and you get a winter wonderland. Yeah right! Some places around here received 10 inches of snow. I don't think we got as much at our house, but we got enough to make getting down and out of our driveway a chore. And, until the highway department gets to working on the roads, travel is pretty rough. It's slow going.

As bad as it was near us, in southern Oklahoma they got it worse. They got a lot more freezing rain than we did, which coupled with strong winds, means power lines came down. The last figure I saw was 179,000 people without electricity. We went through that in 2002, when we were without power for 13 days following a bad ice storm. Ahhh, the joys of living in the country.

Well, this too shall pass. We will make it and maybe even have a little fun doing it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

That's my Daddy

Sorry to scare everyone with the photo, but it's a Jake original, taken by him with our old digital camera. He loves to take photos, he just needs to work on pushing the button down and holding it.

The other day Jake and I went to get our hair cut. Usually, mommy has gone along with us so she can watch Jake while I'm getting my hair cut, but she was at work this time, so it was just us guys.

They weren't busy when we got there, so we both got in the chairs at the same time. I made sure Jake was OK before I started getting my hair cut. About halfway through I heard the woman cutting Jake's hair turn his chair around and her say "There he is." I could see it all in the mirror. I saw Jake's face light up as he saw me, then he exclaimed for all to hear, "That's my Daddy!"

As they say around these parts, 'Nuf said.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A long journey coming to an end ...

Congratulations to a wonderful family we met during our international adoption journey. They started out with Great Wall China Adoption, too, and were LID a little after us. We conversed via e-mail and message boards quite a bit, then got to meet in person when we went to the East Meets West conference in Chicago in April 2008.

With the wait time in China growing so much, they decided to switch to Korea and left today (Friday, Jan. 1) to be united with their daughter. You can follow their blog (see the link below).

Congratulations Amiee! A long journey is coming to an end.

Opening Christmas presents

It's a little late, but here are some pictures of Jake opening Christmas presents.

Checking out the stocking

The bow on the head has quickly become a Christmas tradition

Opening presents

Wow, what's that big one?

There's only one way to find out

It's a train set