Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Settling in

Sorry it has taken so long to update. I have been under the weather somewhat, and we've both been busy trying to see everyone and get a new routine going. Jake is doing awesome. He still has trouble sleeping, as he is restless and wakes several times during the night, but I think he eventually will feel comfortable, and I cannot wait for that night he sleeps all the way through!
He was hesitant with our family at first, but his aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents soon won him over, as did all of our co-workers and church family. Thank you one and all!
Jake has his first doctor's appointment Thursday, and he has an appointment next week with his cleft team. We did measure and weigh him on our own when we got home, because the day at the clinic in China was hectic and we didn't hear half of the results, and the scales at the hotels didn't work well. He weighs 24 pounds and stands at 30.5 inches tall. He is a little, little guy. His height is below the development charts even in China, and his weight is in the 35th percentile, but he is stocky (with a fat belly and cheeks) and looks great. Developmentally he seems to be doing well. He does suffer from big head syndrome (yes, he has a big ego and a big head!). His head is 19.5 inches and is in the 75th percentile! It is hard to find clothes that fit. 18 months work in shirts but they need buttons at the neck to get his head through. 12 month still are a little too big for pants, but the next size we have been able to find is 6-9 months and they seem slightly too tight.
We are thrilled to have him in our home, and the animals are adjusting well. Piper wants to sniff all over him, he is so interested in this little guy, but those horse nostrils are a little intimidating. I tried to put him on Piper's back, which was OK with the horse but not the boy. Hot Rod our dog is tolerant of Jake (HR will be 15 years old on Christmas Day) and we are teaching our little boy why it is good to be nice to older canines. So far, both have done great. The cats, of course, are semi-wild, so not much interaction there, but Jake loves to watch them on the porch when they are eating.
Here are some pictures and a slideshow I created from film the night we watched the musical fountains in Xian.

These two pictures are Jake helping Baba with the chores. He feeds the cats, feeds the horse and gets the mail.

Jake and Camryn see how tall they can build a tower of Legos. Camryn and her mom have been two of our main supporters in this Leap of Faith.


The Gang's All Here! said...

So good to hear that you are all settling well. I've been wondering. Congrats on your homecoming and may it all continue to progress smoothly and with lots of happy memories in the journey :)

Julianne said...

It looks like everyone is adjusting very well! Congratulations again and welcome to your new won't remember what it was like before Jake came along.:o)