Sunday, October 5, 2008


Oh my, we finally have our son. He's asleep in his crib right now. We started out on the bed because he didn't want to be in his crib, but once he fell asleep we moved him to the crib. That woke him up and we had more tears, but Violet managed to get him asleep by singing to him, that and he was just worn out.

This was quite a Gotcha Day. First, they moved our appointment from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Then, they decided we wouldn't go to the Xian civil affairs office. Instead, they brought him to our room at the hotel.

Let me tell you, he didn't want to be here at all. They were walking up to the door when we opened it, and Jake took one look at us and started to back away, and the tears started. The nanny that came with him was pretty good, helping calm him. Plus, Violet held him in spite of his best efforts and with the help of Cheerios — thank God for Cheerios — got him to calm down.

It was a hectic time, with both of us throwing all our stuff into suitcases (after just arranging them) and trying to make room for the directors and the nanny and Jake. When we finally got him settled and all the paperwork was done and he was intense with his Cheerios play the directors and nanny left. We played and waited until it dawned on him that everyone was gone but us, and when he finally did, he went into a crying fit. Finally we got him calmed and redressed and fed (he hadn't ate since noon - it was so cute to watch him watch Kevin make the bottle. Jake never took his eyes off him. He was a hungry boy!) to take him to his photos (because they couldn't get it to us quick enough if we did it tomorrow) but of course it was 6:20 p.m. and they closed at 7 p.m.

By the time we got him calmed and dressed we decided to take a taxi to make it on time, but there was not a taxi to be had, so they called us and decided to do the pictures tomorrow after all.

Meanwhile, Violet's arm is mush. We thought he was bonded more toward Violet than Kevin, so Kevin went downstairs to exchange some money, but Jake started crying really bad (the leaving people act definitely is getting old with him.)

Another thing he doesn't like is elevators – cries everytime he gets on one.

Well, we're going to wrap it up, Jake is awake and crying, so we're going to work on getting him back to sleep.

Thanks everyone.

Kevin and Violet

Oh yeah, he is small and short, and it's a good thing the shoes he came in were not pink, because they are the only ones we have that fit him. Bye for now.

Plenty of tears, here; can't wait for the smiles.

We did want to say that the black under his eye is not dirt. The orphanage director said he got a shiner playing last week on the slide at the playground. It still shows up now, so we can only imagine what it looked like then.


Jolene and Dan Powell said...

He is so cute! Congratulations! I am sure you are going to be wonderful parents.

Tippi said...

He's beautiful ... just like I dreamed.
I know it's hard. Just keep being there for him and you'll be paid back 10-fold! Can't wait for the next update.

Tippi said...

I forgot to ask: Does he like pacifiers? I thought I saw one in the picture. They calmed Cam until she was three.
Anyway, kiss him biiiiggg for me. Can't wait to meet him.
Cam wants to know if he can go to her school. I had the whole family around the laptop already. We all agree he's one handsome boy, even with the shiner.

Baby J's Mama said...

Awwww, congrats! I'm sooooo happy for you guys! :)

I know today was probably draining emotionally and it's hard to watch your kiddo be sad...but tomorrow's a new day, and the next will be even better.

Enjoy each other and thanks for taking the time to post!

quilt'n mama said...

What a cutie! Can't wait to be in Xian myself to bring home our sweet boy! We'll be praying for you these next few days in transition with Jake!

Karen said...

Ohh he's so much tinier than I expected. They're such brave souls, our kids.
Violet, you're a wonderful Mommy. You seem to know just what to do.

Gina said...

Oh he so precious! This is the hardest part, but before you know it, you will have won him over!! Then let the good times roll! Congratulations! I will keep you in my prayers during this transition time.

Steph said...

Congratulations! He is so adorable... the sleep issues will get better, I promise. Just cherish every moment and be sure to write down (in your own handwriting) everything you can. You'll be glad you did later when you barely remember the details of this whirlwind day. I can't believe 11 months ago (with the time difference) we were meeting Ian for the first much is still with me, but I wish I would have stopped to "smell the roses" a bit more those first days. Welcome Jacob!

Deb&John said...

He is just so handsome.Just take it one step at a time. It will get better.Before you know it you will be pros at it. Can't wait until I get to meet my new nephew. Everyone at our church says he so cute and they can't wait to meet him also. Give him a big hug and a kiss for me.

The Gang's All Here! said...

Congratulations! We're so happy for you. Hang in there - the hugs and kisses and holding will pay off! We had to back out of rooms at first, as Li'l Empress wasn't crazy with being presented with our backs to her . . . the leaving thing stinks!!

Hugs to you all - hope you can rest well between waking times of adjusting.

Sherri & Todd said...

He's just beautiful. You are going to make great parents, just be there for him. Can't wait for updates.
Hugs from Florida

Meghan said...


Journey To Eden said...

Congratulations!!! He is adorable!!!!! I know that it must be difficult to see him upset and confused. This too shall pass. Can't wait to see some smiles!!!!!!

Tracy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! So happy for all of you. And yes, that smiling one in your next post is precious!

Heather Thompson said...

Congrats!!! He's just adorable, even with the shiner:)