Monday, October 13, 2008

Medical exam and the zoo

Monday in Guangzhou and we had to take Jake to get his medical exam. First, we went a couple of doors down to get his picture take for his visa. Then, it was off to the medical exam. They checked his heart, his height and weight and hearing. He passed!

It was so crowded in there. Lots of American families with their new Chinese children. It was the old hurry up and wait.

After that, Kelly took us to the zoo. We checked out the animals. Not surprisingly, it seems Jake's favorites were the fish.

Here are the pics.

The medical exam room. All the children have to go through here.

Yeah, like that is going to happen!

Jake giving a thumbs up. He's ready for his exam. You can see a little of the crowd behind him.

This kind doctor checked Jake over. Jake was OK until we had to lay him down and take his pants off so the doctor could check things out, then we had some tears and crying.

Next, we were off so Jake could get weighed and measured. That meant laying down, which he didn't like. He forgot to read the sign about being quiet.

Checking out the fish at the zoo. He sure likes fish.

That's a strange looking fish. Just look at the wonder in Jake's eyes.

They had a slide near the fish, so Jake had to check it out. He likes slides, too. When he came to us in Xian he had a black eye the orphanage director said happened when he had an accident on the slide. I could believe it. As all kids do, Jake had to try to climb up the slide a couple of times and toppled over.


Deb&John said...

Glad to hear Jake is a healthy little boy.
I love the picture of him looking at the fish. He is such a cutie.
Matt says Jake is going to play the I'm shy game with the girls.
You all are going to have to get a fish aquarium for Jake or dig a fish pond at your house. So he can have his own fish.
Wish it was Thursday already. Can't wait.

The Gang's All Here! said...

Love the "Quiet" sign - what a hoot!

Glad to hear that you are on your final leg of the journey - Enjoy every last minute of it! We were away for the weekend, so I'm just catching up. How's that breakfast buffet? MMMMMMMMM!

Have a great couple days.

JeffJan said...

So glad to hear things are going well for you two and your precious little boy. What sweet pictures! Since we've been gone, I caught up on all your blogs today. Wow, what an experience. We can't wait to meet Jake and to get you all safely home. God bless.