Saturday, May 24, 2008

Starting over again

Kevin and I have been on the road to adoption for a while now, and when the opportunity to adopt from China arose, it seemed so right (and it still does!) but things started to slow dramatically, so we opted to explore the waiting child program through our agency, Great Wall China Adoption.
We originally got in line for a non-special needs daughter, but our thinking behind adopting a daughter only was because we were told to not do anything unusual (like request a boy) to make the line longer. Well, the line grew without our help. We decided there were some special needs children whom we could offer a stable, caring home and decided to pursue that option.
Just before we accepted Jacob's referral there were a few couples, we saw, who said you could adopt special needs children and still wait in line with your non-special needs log-in-date (yes, the line is that long). That excited us, (we've always wanted more than one child) but our agency said it could not be done, and shortly thereafter the agencies allowing it (I think there were 2 at the most) said the CCAA no longer allowed it (if they ever did).
We had to give up our original LID to accept Jacob's referral, but it is something we don't regret, because we love our little boy already. If something should happen in the interim and CCAA does not officially approve the adoption (they are review our dossier now) then we still would be in line with our original LID of 4-4-07.
Someday we plan to pursue another adoption for a daughter (we couldn't bring ourselves to take the ticker down, so we altered it without the LID), hopefully from China. But for now, we are focused on bringing Jacob home.


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Anonymous said...


I hate to admit it, but have been allowing myself to mope for the past few months and compleeeeeetly missed your incredible news!

Huge congratulatory hugs!
All three of you will be in my prayers.