Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another update

We heard from our agency this morning, and there is still no concrete news from Baoji City about Jacob's orphanage, but Leigh Anne from Great Wall China Adoption did say there was no report to China Center of Adoption Affairs of any damage, which is probably the only information they are going to get at this time. So, no news is good news, as it is said.
Most of the efforts are being concentrated in the harder hit areas south of Shaanxi province. And while there were close to 100 deaths (so far) in Shaanxi, it does not sound as if it was hit so hard that there would not be any contact with CCAA if there was a problem. We did hear an orphanage a couple of hours south of Jacob's in Baoji was OK.
Leigh Anne said all of the orphanages in the area of the quake are accounted for, with the exception of one that is in the hardest hit area, and there has not been any contact. GWCA does have a family with a waiting child at that orphanage.
Continued prayers are needed.
Kevin and Violet

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Special K said...

I remember when the snow storms hit China and knocked out power and transportation. Micah was there and we were here and it was a horrible, helpless feeling not to be able to know that he was warm, safe and dry.

Sending hugs and prayers.