Tuesday, March 16, 2010

'They are very happy to hear from you'

We had been talking about doing it for a while and finally sent Jake's orphanage, Jiangzhang SWI in Baoji, an update on our little man. We had heard some less-than-great things about the orphanage while we were waiting to travel, but when we were united with Jake we found him to be a well-cared-for boy. His transition has been great, so we know he was treated well at the orphanage. Because of that, we thought they deserved an update on how he has been since he came home.

We sent a letter to Angela with Lady Bugs 'n Love to translate for us. We just summarized what the last year and a few months have been like, and how Jake has progressed. We also sent along a few photos of Jake and us.

We hadn't heard anything from Angela, so we fired off an e-mail to her and she responded the other day: "I just confirmed with them that they received it on Feb 23. they are very happy to hear from you. :)"

We didn't really expect to receive a reply, but it was nice to know they appreciated the update.


Our Journey To Eden said...

Wonderful! Something for the baby book!

The Gang's Momma! said...

We love Lady Bugs N Love :) And thanks for the gentle reminder to update the foster parents. We know Li'l Empress' foster parents loved her and cared well for her. IN FACT, they wanted to adopt her them selves. We've been so busy and life has moved so quickly that our best laid plans to update at the one year mark have fallen by the way side. And we really need to do something. They deserve that honor from us and I'm so embarrassed that we haven't yet. Thank you for the reminder! I'm gonna get on it this week.

Thanks for stopping by earlier - I'm the same. Lots of blogs to read, not a lot of time to do it. Lots of great comments to make but lots of interruptions that stop me. I do come by here frequently tho - Jake is getting so big :) Looks like he's thinning out and sprouting up a bit, eh? Li'l Empress is too. We're getting geared up for potty training soon. Thanks again for commenting!