Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I say Glass, you say Gloss

After church Sunday we headed off to climb in the Glass (or Gloss) Mountains, a chain of mesas not far from where we live.

They aren't mountains in the sense the Rocky Mountains are mountains, but for western Oklahoma they are all we have. Cathedral Mountain, which we climbed, is more than 150 feet high and includes a walking trail at top that is more than 1 mile long. All in all, another fun family outing.

Pick your name. This sign explains why they are called Glass and Gloss.

We have to climb up there?

Climbing. There are steps and hand rails most of the way up, but sometimes you have to rough it.

Rock slide. It's obvious there still is some instability with the rocks on the mountain. We had to climb over these on our way up and down.

The view from the top. Our pickup is on the left. Jake took this photo with our old digital camera, which now is his. He's a pretty good photographer.

The little man composing his next shot.

Another Jake masterpiece. A nice scenic view.

Selenite crystals which reflect sunlight give the Glass (or Gloss) Mountains their name.

Jake and Mommy living on the edge.

Jake and Daddy at the edge of the world.

Hey guys, I think we need to go this way.

Lone Peak. 175 feet tall.

Examining a rock.

Going back down. We all need a little help.

Keep your balance when you walk the plank.

Back down and Jake shows off his balance.


Our Journey To Eden said...

Wow, what a beautiful place! You are right... Jake does take good pictures!

quilt-n-mama said...

This is one of the places we are hoping to visit later this spring/early summer. Now that I have seen pictures, we for sure want to come:)