Saturday, December 5, 2009

Breakfast with Santa

Despite the title, we did not have breakfast with Santa, we were too late for breakfast and were having so much fun we waited to have lunch, too.
Every year there is a local Breakfast with Santa event to raise money for March of Dimes. There are photos with Santa, lots of games and fun craft booths and food. It was a good time, but boy was it packed.
Here are a few things Jake did today:

With all the holiday hustle and bustle of last year, Jake's first year home, he never got a picture with Santa. So, without further ado, here is Jake's first picture with Santa Claus.

We did it at the first and we don't think he quite knew what to think about it all (it was really packed). He didn't cry, though, even if he didn't smile. We call this the "I'm only sitting on this man's knee because Mommy and Daddy are really smiling goofy" look.

Next was the Moonwalk, an inflatable game he has been watching for quite some time. It's always been a little crowded, so we've told him, "Next time." Well, next time finally came today, and he had a ball.

Look at that kicking form in the soccer ball game. The object was to knock down a little player and win a prize. While Jake's form is perfect, he needs a little work on his aim. He eventually got it and got his prize.

Jake's fascinated. What could it be?

A tall cowboy making a reindeer antler hat out of balloons ...

for Jake!

Here's the proper way to wear the hat ...

Here's Jake's way

Then he made some ornaments, a snowman and a tree ornament:

The last thing Jake did was get his picture with some pilots from the nearby Air Force base.

It was a good day and a nice holiday outing for our family.

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Jolene and Dan Powell said...

That looks like so much fun, and for a good cause too! Jake just gets cuter and cuter! I can't believe he is that same baby you were waiting for over a year ago.