Sunday, December 6, 2009

Deck the halls ...

Today we tackled the tree and had a lot of fun in the process. Jake was pretty bored with constructing the tree, though he did help, and with hanging the lights, but he got more involved when hanging decorations. Last year, he didn't know about Christmas. This year he understands a little more about what's happening, and he wants to be more involved.
Every year is different, and that makes them all special.
We took a break to eat supper and watch "Frosty," and he was riveted to the screen as a snowman came to life.
Afterward we finished the tree, as Jake was determined to "help" with it all. He did, too.

Here is the traditional reindeer antlers shot

We call this our zombie reindeer

The whole family

Daddy and Jake hanging the ornaments Jake made this year

Then Jake hung the regular ornaments

He likes his ornaments on one branch, it seems

Our favorite ornament

Admiring our efforts

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Our Journey To Eden said...

What fun! Kids are what makes Christmas the most wonderful holiday!

By the way... your favorite was my favorite too!!! Too cute!!!