Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bringing in the Christmas season

The city where we live has a unique event to ring in the Christmas season. On Friday, hundreds of people showed up downtown to see Santa, eat and drink, ride in a carriage then watch a fireworks display.

It's a good time. Violet helped man our church's booth selling hot chocolate and coffee. Kevin and Jake showed up after a day at the park. We didn't help sell anything, but we did eat hot dogs and nachos and drink a cup of hot chocolate. :)

Posing by some lights

Oooooooooohhhhhh (also the best seat in the house)

Here's a look at what got him so excited

After the fireworks we stood in line to ride not in the carriage but in the stagecoach. It was a long wait, so we had to entertain an antsy 3-year-old. Doing some flips in Kevin's arms did the trick for awhile. At one point the people around us started clapping for Jake everytime he executed a perfect flip. And how did the ham take that? He wanted to flip again, so before he did he looked out and said, "Watch me guys." Oh yeah, he doesn't like to perform. LOL
Soon he saw people getting in and out of the coach and kept saying, "C'mon Mommy, Daddy," and we had to explain the reality of a long line (something many of us adopting from China know about. ;)

Eventually, though, it was our turn. We know the people who were operating the carriage and stagecoach rides, so while Kevin was paying, Jake excitedly pulled Violet into the coach. The woman taking the money asked, "Do you think he will like it?" I guess Kevin was taking too long, because Jake kept saying,"C'Mon Daddy! C'Mon Daddy!" and looking out the door to wave Kevin in. No worries there about him liking it.

He spent almost the whole ride with his head out the window and Kevin's arm tight around his waist. As we pulled away he waved and shouted "Bye guys!" to the others waiting in line. It was a moment of joy we never will forget.


FHL said...

I just saw your profile pic on RQ and had to drop by to see pics of your sweet boy looking so grown! He's such a cutie!

I hope you all have a beautiful and extra special Christmas this year!

Our Journey To Eden said...

What fun... but isn't everything more fun when you have a little one to share it with. :)

quilt-n-mama said...

It looks like you had an aesome evening, I love the picture of Jake looking through the Christmas lights!