Sunday, November 22, 2009

All fired up

Violet came up with a great idea Sunday, so that night we decided we would head outside to roast hot dogs over an open fire for supper. And, we had toasted marshmallows and smores for dessert.

While Mommy put away our groceries, Jake and Daddy headed outside to gather fire wood for the fire. With all the trees on our property there was no shortage of wood. Jake's a pretty good gatherer, too.

Once Daddy got the fire going, it was time for our feast.

Cookin' up a dog

Double dog cookin'

Taking a bite

Family portrait (the fire was dying down by then)

Fire, a great invention

On Daddy's back

MMMMMM, toasted marshmallows

MMMMMMM, smores

Let the wild rumpus start!


LuckyLady1321 said...

Looks like fun!

Gina said...

How fun! We love "camp" fires!!

Our Journey To Eden said...

What fun little family you have. These are the times your child will remember.

The Gang's Momma said...

What a great idea. If we did that here, the local FD and PD would show up with some angry looks :)

Kevin, Jake and Violet said...

Ahh. That's one of the great things about country living. There are more, and there are drawbacks, too.