Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How was lunch son? Hey, where's the dog?

I fixed lunch for Jake and I today before we left home, he for day care and me for work.
After he ate, he came up to me carrying his empty plate. I asked him if he enjoyed his lunch and he nodded. We are trying to get him to work on his consonant sounds as much as possible, so I said, "It was a hot dog," hoping he would repeat hot dog to me.
Instead, he momentarily got this concerned look on his face and looked at me. "Hot Rod?" he said, (although it comes out more like "Hah wah") then looked around and pointed toward our back yard.
"No, not Hot Rod, hot dog," I said. Then I got up and went to where Hot Rod was sleeping in the hallway. "See, there's Hot Rod."
Hot Rod is our 15-year-old chow dog. He has been with me since he was 8 weeks old. He got the name because his mother's owner said he was always on the go as a puppy, "like a little hot rod." I liked that and the name stuck.
Little did I know that 15 years later that name would turn out to momentarily scare my son at lunch time.


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Jolene and Dan Powell said...

Poor Jake! You must print that story and save it. Priceless!