Thursday, March 5, 2009

5 months and a good report

Today marks 5 months since Jake entered our lives - 5 wonderful, eventful months.

Also today, we went back to the cleft palate surgeon so he could check on Jake's progress. Jake is doing great. The doc said he normally has kids come back 2 months after the surgery, too, but he said Jake is doing so well he doesn't need to see us for 6 months. One more week of soft foods/liquids, not feeding himself and having to wear his arm restraints. We all will be glad when those are a thing of the past.


The Gang's Momma said...

Oh, that's great news. Congrats! I'm following the story of a family in our agency that flew to Denver this week for a very difficult, step one surgery for his palate. That little guy has several more in his future, it seems.

Jolene and Dan Powell said...

I am so glad that Jake's surgery went well and that things are looking good. I can't believe it's been 5 months! Wow! And I'm glad he didn't have's going around where I live too.