Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Does he, or doesn't he?

Last Friday, Jake's day care provider called. She had taken her son to the doctor and he has strep throat. Oh great, so here Jake is in the midst of recovering from surgery and he might have been exposed to strep. Things were OK over the weekened, but on Monday Jake had a bit of a fever (the highest was about 100.2).

So, we took him in the doctor, and she said she wanted to put him on antibiotics to treat strep because he had the recent surgery. She didn't even test to see if he does, she said better safe than sorry.

From what I understand, you no longer are contagious after 24 hours on antibiotics, which will happen this afternoon for Jake. As a result, he's staying away from day care today. Violet will leave work late, and I will go in early. Hopefully, neither of us will end up with strep.

Jake goes back to the palate doctor Thursday so the doc can see how the repair is holding up. Jake has really been good during his recovery, although he does tire of the arm restraints and he still wants to be able to feed himself. Soon, little man, soon.

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