Saturday, February 21, 2009

We're home!

Woo hoo! We're out of the hospital and home.

Jake drank enough, and his stats were great, so the doctors said he could go home. We were all glad to be out of the hospital.

Poor little guy. We asked him this morning what his dog's name was (It's Hot Rod), and he started to say it and got about as far as Haa before he stopped with the funny look on his face, like he just realized something. I think that something was that he no longer has a big hole in the roof of his mouth. He started moving his tongue around, like he was feeling around in his mouth with it. We've got to be careful with him doing that, though, so he doesn't do any damage to the repairs.

Later on in the morning, he was jabbering like always, still pronouncing things as he has been, but we will work on that.

Kevin and Violet

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Tippi said...

Oh, that makes me so glad to hear things went smoothly. Was thinking of you all.
Happy birthday, Kebine!