Sunday, February 8, 2009

Salt of the earth

Kevin and Jacob and I decided to get out for the afternoon and visit nearby Salt Plains.
It was a little bit of a trip, so Jake had his nap in the car seat after church and fellowship dinner before we went on the walking trail.
Baba and I went so far that we decided it would be just as well to push on rather than backtrack. It was quite the walk, carrying the Little Man part way.
Unfortunately there was not a lot of wildlife. Usually the place is teeming with birds and wildlife, but this is the fewest fowl we've seen. But it is the middle of winter, although by the warm temperatures we've been having lately you wouldn't know it.
We saw an armadillo, ducks, geese, deer and 3 humans. Jake swung in our arms, jumped, made his own tracks in the dirt, rode Baba's and Mama's shoulders and made a lot of goofy faces.
It was a great day.

OK, I'm not sure about all this walking stuff:

Jake was fascinated with the water:

There are the ducks:

A closer look:

OK, so where did you say the car was?

Now this is more like it. This walkin' stuff ain't so bad:

Just because Mama really liked this photo:

Jake's first ride on Mama's shoulders. Hair is a hazard:

Oh thank goodness, the car. That was a long walk:

Bye, bye:

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LuckyLady1321 said...

Love these photos of Jake! Such a little man!