Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our first big boy haircut

Jake and I went Saturday to get his first official haircut since he's been home with us. We've given him a trim before and he had haircuts in China (everyone remembers the pics of him shaved bald except for his little tuft of hair in front), but this was his first big boy haircut.

Of course, he fell asleep coming into town, and when we got to Pro Cuts he woke up and wondered where we were. It's a place he hasn't seen before. We went in and he was very quiet, just looking around at everything, trying to soak it all in. As we were taking our coats off, another customer, a young woman, remarked about how cute he is. We get that a lot! LOL

As we sat there waiting our turn, he didn't make a peep. Just sat there on my lap looking around. I asked him "Do you want to get a haircut?" and he nodded solemnly. A little later, I asked him again and he nodded again. Just before our turn came, I asked him one last time and got another solemn nod.

When it came his turn, the kind woman who cut his hair decided we should try just him in a booster seat. Well, that didn't go so well. As soon as I set him down on it he started to cry - the first sounds he had made since we went it. So, we ended up with me sitting down and him on my lap. (Sorry, but since it was just us, we didn't have a camera person, so no photos of the actual haircut).

He did really well after that. Not another peep out of him, and the stylist was so good to him, telling him what a big boy he was. In the end, he got a nice trim and a sucker.

Here are a couple of photos to show his haircut off. It was hard to get him to pose today, he wasn't in a posing mood, which is kind of unusual for him.

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