Thursday, September 11, 2008

We think his new nickname is Ramstam!

We are so blessed! Today we received an update on and three photos of Jacob from Ladybugs n love ( We just can't say enough good things about Angela and Kelly, who have given us two updates and five photos and have delivered our care package to Jake since May. They are so friendly and their prices are so reasonable.
Last week our agency also received an update (no photos) and he had grown little since our last Ladybugs update in the first of June. We were kind of down because we had hoped he would have developed more (although we are not sure of the date of the measurements.)
However, with this latest update, he has gained a few pounds and a few inches and has 15 teeth (agency said he has 20, so not sure what's up there). But best of all we have photos AND HE LOOKS SO GOOD! There are three, and they are all basically the same photo, with some different poses on what looks like the orphanage grounds.
He still loves cars, but he also likes the toy phone. He gets along well with others but is a little "ramstam," which we thought was a bad translation, but Kevin looked it up and it means headstrong.
Here is one of the photos! It is our favorite. He looks like he's Joe Cool.

Here is some more information:

> 1. What are Dang Wen Feng's daily activities?
> 6:30am get up; (early riser - oh no!)11:30am-2:00pm nap time; 8:00pm go to bed.
> He eats well, full of energy.
> 6:30am take a bottle of formula; 8:30am, 2:30pm, 5:30pm
> congee, vegetable soup, noodles, cracker, etc. his favorite is formula.
> 2. Is there a finding advertisement available for Dang Wen Feng that we can have?
> Yes. They are going to give you a copy when you come to adopt him.
> 3. What is Dang Wen Feng's latest height and weight
> report, and how old was he at these measurements?
> Height: 78cm; Weight: 12kg; Foot: 12.5cm; Head: 48cm;
> Chest:50cm; Teeth: 15 (7 upper and 8 lower)

> 4. Is Dang Wen Feng potty trained? (We'll see how this goes)
> Yes.
> 5. Does Dang Wen Feng have a favorite caretaker or friend?
> His favorite nanny's name is Xin Hui Fang.
> >
> >
> Other information on the report:
> Motor development: He can walk alone, he can run.
> Intelligent development: he can say Ma Ma, Ba Ba. He knows to clap hands, wave to say bye, etc.
> He recognizes facial expression. He can follow simple instruction.
> He is active, outgoing and full of energy.
> His favorite toys: toy cars, colorful pictures, toys can make noise.
> His favorite activities: outdoor activity. He is very friendly.

> Have a wonderful day!

--Thanks to you Angela (and Kelly) we did!

God is good,

Kevin and Violet


Naomi said...

He is so cute! I bet you can't wait to go! I am waiting to hear about an up-date from the same service, (my first one) and I wondered how long it took for you to hear back. I sent it last Friday, a week ago but I understand Angela has been touring and is back-logged!! I'd love to know if you have time to contact me.

Journey To Eden said...

Love the picture! I can imagine that those updates are priceless. How wonderful.

Baby J's Mama said...

Congrats! I hope your SWI gave recent info...I have a feeling mine gave the most recent they had even though it might have been a couple months old. Either that or my kiddo sprouted 6 teeth and grew a TON in 2 months! He was in foster care though so I'm sure the updates may not have been as frequent. Oh, and my report said he ate congee too...but he wouldn't touch the stuff once he got hold of the good food the rest of us had! Noodles and scrambled eggs were a sure winner at any meal - so were dumplings.

I'm sure you have that new photo burned on the brain by now - I know having that last set of photos and seeing him healthy helped me SO much for the last part of the wait.

Congrats, and FLY time, FLY!

Special K said...

He is just adorable. He looks like he's got something big on his mind.

FHL said...

He sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you were able to get an update and more photos of your sweet boy!