Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Safe ... we hope

Great Wall sent out an e-mail today concerning the tainted formula in China.

The pertinent parts of the e-mail are:

"Our Beijing office has indicated that the CCAA is checking on each of the orphanages, but that they have not issued a formal report yet. Our Beijing office has stated that they have not heard of any of the orphanages being affected by the contamination."
"We have also heard that the milk based products including the Beijing-based Sanyuan Group Ltd. and Nestle SA. formula were examined and found to be free of contamination. Many of the orphanages that we receive referrals from use Nestle formula and we are very thankful to hear that the Nestle formula was not contaminated."

We don't know whether or not Jacob's orphanage is one of those that uses Nestle formula. Great Wall hasn't had many referrals from his orphanage so we are just unsure.

Hopefully, his orphanage uses Nestle, but we will make sure soon. We are taking some powdered formula with us and will have him use it.

Until then, please keep Jacob in your thoughts and prayers.



Journey To Eden said...

What a relief it will be to have him home.... winter storms, earthquakes, the formula....

This sure has been quite a ride for you. You are in my thoughts.

Tracy said...

I agree - just get him home!

Daniel said...

Dear Kevin and Violet,

we also have our son in Baoji orphanage and are waiting for our LOA. Our adoption agency contacted the orphanage after the information of the polluted milk came out and to our relief they confirmed to us that BaoJi is using Nestle Dairy!! So I hope this will give you some relief as well!! We are looking forward to the stories about your travel to China and maybe you will even see our son Xiao as well!! Best Wishes from The Netherlands. Daniel, Marleen & WeiYan