Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our little prince

After receiving Jake's updated photos this past week, I just had to comment on our little fashion plate.
Kevin calls this his Prince Valliant outfit, and I think it describes it quite well.
Throughout our adoption of our son, the one theme has been pink shoes. The only time his shoes have not been pink they were magenta. Kevin says the pink shoes (and clothes for that matter) will be a thing of his past once he comes home, but I'm secretly hoping he is wearing pink shoes when we get him (hee,hee).



Special K said...

Keep those pictures to bring out when he starts dating! LOL

We have some nice pictures of Micah in his split pants to share with his prom date. :p

Amy said...

Love the pink outfit & shoes! I'm sure when he's 16 he'll love seeing that they dressed him in pink ;)