Monday, June 9, 2008


We had contracted with a woman in China to call Jacob's orphanage and try to get an update and new photos.
Sunday morning, as we were getting ready for church, I decided to check our e-mail and what was there — our update!!
Jacob seems to be progressing well. He's 29.8 inches tall and weighs 24.2 pounds. He's still a little on the short side, but he is up on the growth curve now, as opposed to slightly below it.

He has 6 teeth and the orphanage said they are teaching him to speak. He can say mama and baba.

He's walking on his own and he can run (they say 2-3 meters) and he can climb and go down stairs. They say he is "active, outgoing and full of energy" and likes outdoor activities. His favorite toy is toy cars.

We also received 2 new photos!!. He's so cute. (Sorry we haven't posted any photos, but our agency requested we not post any photos until we are LOA, and we are going to honor that request. Hopefully, we will get our LOA soon!!).

It was great to get an update. Getting with this woman who does the orphanage calls was the best thing we did and the best money we spent. There apparently had been some e-mail issues we found out, because she originally had sent the information on May 27, but we never received it. After wondering why we hadn't heard anything, we e-mailed her business partner in the U.S. and asked. (There is no guarantee the orphanage would give her any information when she calls, so we figured that is what happened.). After we found out we didn't get the info, we asked if she could e-mail the info to her partner here and have her forward it to us. That's what happened and there it was!

It's kind of funny. Our agency can't contact the orphanage directly. It's against the rules. But we can basically hire someone to call on our behalf and the orphanage officials will tell them everything. This sure is a wild ride.



FHL said...

I didn't know you could do that! Glad you posted about it...and so glad you were able to find out more info about your little one :o)

Amiee said...

That is great! I have never heard of anyone doing that for updates. What a great option. Sounds like he is doing well!!!