Monday, November 25, 2013

Gotcha Day! He was the first one through the door

We were one of two families that were waiting for our children at the adoption office Monday afternoon, and we all were pacing the floor, ready for the moment to happen.
We were early, the children were late, and nerves were in abundance.
Eyes were glued to the doors, but as the minutes stretched we would glance away or pay attention to our children, who were alternately waiting for their siblings and playing to pass the time.
Then … a little whirlwind rounded the corner, and there he was, our son!! Jin Fuzhi was here and nothing else for the next 30 minutes mattered.
We have learned several things since that time. Our son is smart!! He is extremely headstrong! And he is very curious!
He does mind, but he will let you know that he is not liking what you are telling him to do. At first he wanted nothing to do with us, but soon he was holding my hand and following us, though he was not happy about it.
After the ride to the hotel, he looked at Violet and said very happily Bye, Bye, as he sat in the van. But he came with us when Violet remembered to unlock his seatbelt!!
We got to our room, and the first thing he did was grab the TV remote, turn on the television and start changing channels.
Did we mention our son was SMART?!
He also knows how to work our cameras, Jake's iPod and the computer.
We showed him his suitcase and he quickly showed us how he works the toothbrush, complete with motions of swishing and spitting.
He is not fond of Sprite and seems to favor french fries. He is into EVERYTHING!
He talks and talks, and is very independent. While he seems to share it must be his idea to do so.
We think he is seeing Jake as a rival right now and not as a brother. While we are certain this will improve in time, it is hard on Jake right now. So please pray for him.
The transition has gone pretty smooth. Jude had a hard time falling asleep, and we think the time he is really feeling the pain of loss is when we don't understand him.
But again we know this will get better.
Keep us all in your prayers!!

This was our first photo of Jude. No warning, just one second no one was there, and the next there he was, so the photo isn't the best.

And, here are more from our first day as a family of 4:

Our first family self-portrait with the 4 of us.

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