Saturday, November 9, 2013

Almost time to go

We got our visas to travel to China on Thursday. Our flights our booked. We head out Nov. 19 and will spend a few days in Shaanxi Province, where Jake is from, before we head to Chongqing and Jude.

We're hoping to get to see Jake's finding place and orphanage, although we've heard his orphanage no longer is for children. Instead, it's been converted to a home for senior citizens and special needs adults.

It will be fun to be back in Xi'an for a couple of days. We loved it there in 2008 when we met up with Jake. We plan to go back to the Terra Cotta Warriors and check out the sites in Xi'an, too.

We head to Chongqing Nov. 24, and Gotcha Day is Nov. 25. We know of at least one other family with Lifeline who will be in Chongqing to get their daughter at the same orphanage, Love Manor, where Jude is, so we won't be all by ourselves. It will be fun to be with a travel group, we're wondering though if there will be more or just us 2 families. Our trip in 2008, we were with one other family in Beijing, then they headed off to their daughter in Inner Mongolia, while we went to Shaanxi. We met up with them again in Guangzhou, so we spent a lot of time by ourselves.

Our consulate appointment is Dec. 4 and then we plan to go to Beijing for a day so both boys can see the Great Wall before we come home.

The excitement is building. Jake's pretty excited about becoming a big brother, and Violet and I are excited about becoming parents to another son.

Hang on Jude, we're almost there.

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