Sunday, April 8, 2012

Parenthood is not Fireproof

Sometimes fear comes out of the blue, and that happened to Jake today in an incident that made his mother feel like the worst mom of the year.
We had just finished church, went home and changed clothes before heading off to grandma's and grandpa's for dinner.
The Hassler and Pringle gang was watching a Christian movie, "Fireproof," while waiting for dinner, when right before the yummy Easter meal a scene where a firefighter was saving the life of a little girl was seen. It was pretty intense, and even the kids stopped and watched, and I never thought a thing about it. In fact, I kind of remember thinking, "Wow, Jake's kind of into it." He never really sits with interest through an entire movie. (Not even beloved "Star Wars")
I cheered when the firefighter got the girl out and told the kids, "Yeah, he did it," so maybe I did see the intensity a little. I didn't think about it again until at lunch he mentioned to me he wanted to move back to our little house. (BIG deal since he loves the house we're in now.)
After talking a while, it came out he suddenly was scared of the alarms in our house, somehow thinking they were the reason we were all going to be killed by fire. Not sure where he got that from ...
We talked quite a bit and had a great day playing with family, but when he went to bed, he sat up and again said he wanted to move. He pretty much just lost it, and I'm kicking myself for not realizing how frightful that scene was in the movie.
Finally as I lay beside him he told me, "Mommy, sometimes I think about all the bad things."
So we spent a lot of time naming all the good things not only for that day but in days past and to come.
Sometimes it is amazing how much he is my son. I, too, tend to think of the bad things. I guess we both have vivid imaginations.
I've heard great things about the movie "Fireproof," and I probably will watch the entire movie one day, but not anytime soon!

On a good note, we had an awesome Easter Sunday, despite the fire fears.

Here is Jake in his Easter suit:

Running after eggs:

Playing with his cousins at the park:

He is the love of our lives!

Playing on the swings with Aunt Debbie:

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