Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fancy Day - I Hope You Dance

Last Wednesday was Fancy Day for Jake's pre-kindergarten class. The kids were told to dress up in their fanciest clothes — and boy did they! Some were pretty fancy. Jake dressed in his suit and wore the hat he wore a couple of years ago at his cousin's wedding.

The kids learned etiquette — we're talking real table manners, such as putting the napkin in your lap, not eating until everyone had been served, putting your napkin on your plate when you were done and not getting up until everyone was finished.

They also had a dance, which must have been fun to see. Jake's teacher called it a "pre-K prom." Jake had a good time, and he even dipped a girl while they were dancing!

Jake's teacher is so good with the kids, she always comes up with fun stuff for them to do. We're going to miss her. Thanks to Mrs. Ivester for the following pics.

Sitting at the table like little ladies and dapper gentlemen.

Rice Krispy sushi, with gummy candies in the middle and fruit rollup wrapping. Yummy.


May I have this dance?

1 ... 2 ... 3 ... dip

One girl on each arm.

Here's to you!

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