Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The little stuff you forget

The link above is to our blog post the day we pulled Jake into our arms.
I had not revisited that in a while, and it is amazing how you never forget the important stuff, but there was a lot about that day I had not remembered. I am so glad we blogged, and I wish we would do it more now. Darn Facebook! lol Makes me wonder about the little stuff we are living now we will forget tomorrow. :(



The Gang's Momma! said...

Happy Three Years to you too! Thanks for stopping by. I've not been around much, reading or even writing a ton, cuz I took a part time job to help stockpile funds for the next adoption. We're starting our online parent training this week - yay, 15 hours in front of the computer together. Should be a ball :) But, yeah. The look back is good for us all, I think. Helps me put into perspective what we all have experienced in that time. Thanks again for stopping by! High fives to the Xian buddy :)

Sherri said...

I wanted to thank you for stopping by our blog as we get ready for the ride of our lives.

After reading your post, I want to say congratulations on your 3rd year Gotcha Day! Jake is one handsome little boy!

As far as blogging goes, i'm a true's like you said, you forget the little things. This blog I made for Emma - I want her to see what we've done in the past 5 yrs waiting for her. I actually printed out the entire first year, took a whole ream of paper plus! Too me it will make one heck of a life book for her.

And believe in me, when we return home from China - blogging is where I will be...I have already told my friends that facebook will so fade out. All my updates will go to her blog, it's easier and it makes more sense to me.

So, once again thank you so very much for stopping by out blog and I hope you follow us for our BIG DAY! Can't wait for our GOTCHA day.


quilt-n-mama said...

Happy 3 years!
Can't believe how much your guy has grown. We celebrate 3 years in Jan. with our little Shaanxi guy:) Just got home the end of August with our littlest one:)