Sunday, March 27, 2011


We were there Saturday night, for the monster trucks. We figured Jake would get a kick out of it, since he has taken more of a liking lately to his extensive collection of toy cars and trucks.

He did enjoy it, although a couple of times he said he was "tired of watching this" and could we do something else. But, we stuck it out and he ended up having a good time. His favorite thing was when "the cars went upside down."

Here we are in line. We had to stand in line for a little while in the cold.

Here's Jake with his ear plugs in (it was really loud) standing in front of the monster trucks.

Another pose with the trucks in the background.

Jake watching the show.

Waving his flag for the winner.

What goes up, must come down ... upside down that is.

Bigfoot standing on end.

Jake doing a silly pose in front of Bigfoot after the show.

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