Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another CNY celebration, and a great time was had by all

We had a great time at the CNY party put on by Central Oklahoma FCC. Thank you so much gang for the good time. It was at a Chinese buffet in Edmond and we were celebrating the Lunar New Year (a little late) and welcoming the year of the rabbit. There were crafts, good food, friends, a chance to meet new people and the lion (or was it the dragon?) dance.

Jake's favorite: Egg-drop soup

Making crafts. Jake is getting good at coloring, although he did run out of patience today and go crazy with the crayon at the end.

Here is what Jake and Marossie made. Scary!

They also made a lantern for the lantern festival, celebrated shortly after the new year.

Was it a dragon dance or a lion? We're going with lion since the teeth seem more blunt. LOL Jake didn't want to participate in the dance at first, but Daddy shoved him in and it was all fun from there.

Who's that lion?

It's Jake! He pretty much stole the show.

Mommy, Jake, Daddy in our traditional self-portrait

Jake with his friends Marossie and Mary playing in the water fountain.

Later we had some fun outside at our "Little House" as Jake calls it.

How handsome is he?

There are thousands of geese that have taken up residence in the field across the road. When they take off it sounds like thunder or a truck rumbling by on the dirt road.

There still is some snow left.

Showing off his form. Pretty good.


Jolene and Dan Powell said...

He is very handsome as always. Is that the same silk outfit from China, or did you get a new one? Ty's is too small now. I wish had the foresight to buy a size up when in China for both kids!

Kevin, Jake and Violet said...

Thanks Jolene. That is the second outfit we got in China. The bigger one. The smaller one lasted two years. Next year we'll probably have to order one.