Friday, August 6, 2010

Vacation Bible school ... great time was had by all ...

We serve an awesome God! Jake spent the week with good friends, making new friends and learning all about Jesus while having fun creating and snacking!
VBS wrapped up tonight with a program (he did great! singing and signing) and a cookout (not so great as two jumbo hot dogs rolled off his plate :(
I was blessed as a "craft lady" this year and helped in that mission.
What a wonderful fellowship. Hopefully I can post photos soon. I was too busy craft nights, and we forgot our camera tonight. Oh well, we figured as nerd parents we needed to tone down the filming a bit, but in reality I'm kicking myself for not having video!
Ginger from our church was taking lots of photos throughout the week, though.
Kevin's parents came and my mom did too!
Truly a great time was had by all.


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