Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On a safari

We're baaaaaaack!

The day after Jake was ring bearer at cousin Bobby's wedding in June we headed over to Gentry, Ark., and a drive-through animal park.
You aren't supposed to feed the animals, but you know how that goes ... LOL. Obviously, though, we weren't the only ones who have violated that rule because the animals all expected some food.

Before we went on the drive-through part, we walked around and saw some other things.

Jake petted a python.

And a wolf pup.

And, Jake and Mommy rode a camel.

They had dozens of emus. They were persistent and hungry.

Joe Cool poses with a camel.

Jake took his turn at driving!

These prairie dogs were cute.

All was going well until we met this fellow.

He seemed friendly enough. He ate some of the fruit bars we gave him. First Daddy fed him. Then he went over to the other side of the car where Jake and Mommy fed him.

Then, when Jake bent down to get another piece of food, the monkey reached in and pulled Jake's hair. That startled Jake and he started crying, which upset mom and dad. At first Jake said the monkey hit him. Then, once we got him calmed down, he said the monkey pulled his hair. He finally got some smiles from Jake again when we said we would drive around again and get the monkey back by pulling his tail. The monkey must have known something was up, because he wouldn't come close to the car again. So, our revenge became we waved food at him then rolled up the window and laughed! Take that monkey!

After the drive, we went through the petting zoo part of the place.

Jake got to meet a couple of baby goats.

He also fed and petted a kangaroo.

Then he rode on a gorilla's back. OK, so it wasn't a real gorilla.

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