Friday, June 25, 2010

Father's Day on the road

I realized the other day with the family gone to a wedding over Father's Day weekend we never posted.
Jake got to wake Daddy with a "Happy Father's Day," and though they both tried to catch some more shut-eye, Jake soon got excited about Daddy's gifts.
But first there were the cards:

Jake made a homemade card for Daddy after discarding the first attempt because it was not good enough. You're on front Daddy, this is me:

Then it was on to the store bought card. I picked it out myself:

Yeah, I picked this one out, too. I had a little trouble deciding:

Jake's a little excited over Daddy's beef jerky:

Last year, for Kevin's first Father's Day with Jake home, I started what I guess will become a tradition — a photo of Daddy and Jake and Jake's handprint. It is awesome to see how those hands are growing:

Two years ago a verge of a dream. Today, a reality — father and son:

Happy Father's Day Daddy.

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