Saturday, June 12, 2010

Busy summer, trying to catch up ...

... and still not caught up.

Sorry it's been so long since we updated the blog. It's been pretty busy for us this summer.

The last pictures we posted of Jake seeing the buffalo at the Tallgrass Prairie Reserve were taken on our way to Joplin, Mo., for our nephew's and Jake's cousin's graduation from college.

The night before the commencement ceremony Jake had his first really big pillow fight. Here he is taking on cousin Bobby, the soon-to-be graduate.

Here Jake poses with Bobby, who just graduated from Ozark Christian College and is ready to embark on a career in the ministry. He's already been pastor of a church in Adair, Okla., while he was going to school.

And, we will be heading back to eastern Oklahoma this coming weekend for Bobby's wedding. Here he is with his bride-to-be, Klarissa.

Jake also got to go to his first birthday party. A girl from pre-school had a party at the local miniature golf course. This was Jake's first time and he had a blast. He also go to eat cake.

Stay tuned for more. We went to a family reunion last weekend and Jake took his first boat ride. And, Jake has been taking swim lessons. More good times.

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