Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chinese New Year, Veggie Tales

It's been a while since we had an update, so here goes.

On Feb. 21, most of the families who have adopted from China (as well as ones from Taiwan and Korea) got together for our annual Chinese New Year dinner. There were 3 more kids this year than last year. Our group continues to grow. It's such a good time getting together.

As usual, Jake hams it up

Most of the gang. Trying to get all the kids together and standing still at the same time is nearly impossible.

We also headed to the mall in town Saturday for a free showing of the latest Veggie Tales CD, "Pistachio: The Little Boy That Woodn't," thanks to Ruth's Christian Bookstore, which puts on similar events every so often. They give all the kids a goody bag and let them spin a wheel for other prizes. Jake won another Minnesota Cuke umbrella. It's the second time we went. Jake got to meet Bob and Larry again, and this time we had our camera!

After the show, Jake rode a couple of the rides the mall has.

And, it has nothing to do with Jake, but Violet caught one of our cat food bandits in the act.

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The Gang's Momma! said...

I'm so behind in reading that I hadn't even noticed that you were behind in posting :) Been a crazy two weeks here, plus the lure of the Olympics . . . but I love the pics - such a great smile your boy has :)

Happy Chinese New Year!