Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Court appearance, home study and an ear infection

On Aug. 31, Jacob became officially ours in the eyes of the state when District Judge Barefoot signed our petition for readoption. Jake was ours in our hearts from the moment we saw him and he has been legally ours since our adoption day nearly one year ago. It was a formality we are hoping will make our lives easier, as we can now file for an Oklahoma birth certificate for Jake that the schools and other agencies will more readily accept.
Today we had our last home study with our social worker, our 12-month report. We will miss her, as all of those who have played such important roles in our lives since this journey began.
Each of our friends, from our agency workers to our coworkers and the doctors to the therapists, have been such a support throughout our adoption process. Thank you all.
We were so glad Jake's minor cold was in latter August, as he would be well again for his 6-month followup with his cleft doctor. The last checkup (the 2-month) found him with a cold. It is hard to determine progress when your nose is stuffed. However, a clean bill of health was not to be. He got over his cold only to develop a worse one, and we found out today he has a minor ear infection.
He hasn't felt the best today, but he's doing OK, and still has had a smile on his face most of the day.
Here are two photos from adoption day:

Like father, like son -- Jake and Daddy wait for the judge

Our family portrait with Judge Barefoot

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Jolene and Dan Powell said...

Very cool! Congratulations on your re-adoption!