Friday, August 21, 2009

More milestones

Thursday was six months since Jake's surgery, and things are looking good. He has come such a long way, and his speech is getting better. Still few sentences, though, but his pronunciation of words is better, and he seems to expand his vocabulary every day.
He is growing up, which is frustrating because it seems his waist just gets slimmer. He was in a size 12 pants the other day that was too big for him in the waist and approaching knicker-length in the legs. LOL I hope the elastic was stretched. Actually, he fits well in most 18 month clothes but they are getting high-watered.
Today we made our last home study appointment. The 12-month home study. We are fast approaching our year anniversary, which is Oct 6, adoption day in China.
So much is happening these days it seems a whirlwind, and at the center of it all is Jake, our son.

Well, here is a picture of us piddling around outside one night:

and one when we were at Salt Plains this past weekend:


quilt-n-mama said...

We are really looking forward to coming to the Salt Plains next month! Can't wait to see you guys! It's it amazing how much our little ones have grown and changed in such a short time?

Gina said...

This picture is just too cute of dad and Jake!! You need to frame it!!

Jean said...

Hey there.....Jake gets cuter and cuter every time I see a new picture! It's hard to believe you will be soon celebrating the year anniversary of adoption day! Thanks a bunch for stopping by our blog and leaving a means a lot to us! Yes, we are still waiting...although it is getting tougher and tougher.
Take care and keep those adorable pics coming,