Friday, July 31, 2009

A week on the dock

This past week has been a blast at vacation Bible school. It has been so much fun (and relief) to see Jake go with his class and always be reassured when he seeks and finds me. He's attached enough to want me but secure enough to have fun, even if it means without me. (I credit his Sunday school teacher for making him feel at home in the church.) But, we have had plenty of fun together! In fact, I think I'm more worn out at the end of the night than he is. Last night (Thursday) I really let him be independent with his class. I let him go to the bathroom with others and he did all of his activities without me. I had to help in the kitchen, and I told him I had to work making snacks and he should go with his class and have fun, and he did! And I actually feel more rested last night after slaving in the kitchen than I have the other nights playing with the 3-year-olds.
Tonight is the big finale, and Jake's daddy and grandparents will come. God continues to bless our family.

And now, without further ado, the photos:

On his way with his can for collection (they were gathering food bank items):

Standing in line and waiting for the action:

Looking confused, but really dancing to the Crocodile Dock theme song:

Whoops. Mommy's got the camera, gotta mug:

Jake loved recreation and the wagon rides (thanks to classmate Oaklee for sharing his wagon!) Here he is with Gavin:

Snack time was a favorite, especially the lemonade (Dorothy makes good lemonade):

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