Sunday, July 5, 2009

The grand finale

Jake went to his first Fourth of July celebration in Meadowlake Park Saturday night. He loved the sno cones, watching the train and playing by the creek, and hated the wait (takes after his parents there). Once the fireworks began he was impressed, but quickly lost interest and was having more fun tossing a wadded-up napkin in the air and chasing it. The fireworks seemed a little spaced out and not as impressive this year, but we had a lot of other things — Jake, camera, video — drawing on our attention, so maybe it was just us.
We had a great time, however, and he promptly fell asleep on the way home, as it already was past his bedtime. Luckily he had a good nap earlier in the day.
Here are some pictures of our evening. We took some video, too, we'll try to post later.

Ahh. Fourth of July treat:

Our national anthem:

Down by the riverside:

Catch me if you can:

Our family:

Watching the show:

Lighting up the sky:

Bored now but hanging on:

The last blast:

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