Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Family reunion

Jake got to meet some of his extended family for the first time recently at a reunion for one branch of Kevin's mother's side of the family. It was great for him to meet them, because some of them have really done a lot for him. His great aunt Gladys brought him a box of stuff, including 4 Elmos she collected during the wait. That gives him 8 Elmos of various sizes. She also gave him a Clifford the Big Red Dog with the red thread bracelet she wore during the wait wrapped around his ears. That was so touching. We can't thank you enough.

Jake was a hit, and he enjoyed the time at Greenleaf State Park in eastern Oklahoma. There was a pretty nice playground where he spent much of his time. There also was a building that housed some turtles and snakes, and there was a semi-tame deer that showed up to graze. Jake liked them.

He also enjoyed playing with his cousin Matt and Matt's girlfriend Ashley.

After the reunion, we stopped at Kevin's sister's house so Jake could visit for a bit with his cousin Bob, who couldn't make it to the reunion because he had to conduct services at his church that day.

All in all, another great day.

Here's a slide show Violet created of the day:

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nilag said...

This was very good! It makes one smile when looking at a smiling child. He is darling.