Sunday, June 21, 2009

A day for fathers, sons and fun

Sunday was Kevin and Jake's first Father's Day, and while we had no specific plans, it turned out to be quite the day.
First, we decided to fumigate the house while we were at church (sounds fun, doesn't it?) but not before Baba got his Father's Day surprises from Jake.
He got a picture frame, complete with a picture of him and Jake on one side and Jake's handprints in clay on another, a bird feeder (Daddy's a nature guy) and a set of six water pistols labeled for Daddy and Jake.
It was fellowship dinner at church, and, as usual, the food did not disappoint. We had to let the house air out some, so Jake got a nap while Dad got a haircut and then we went to a little park in our small hometown. The park is quite neat, with static displays of a T-37, which used to be the planes flown at a nearby Air Force base (Jake's nod to grandpa who is an USAF veteran) and a howitzer and a torpedo.
It also is home to a small, walk-through Astrobleme Museum. Yes, that's right, we live in the middle (or at least near the edge) of one of the nation's largest meteor craters created 450 million years ago. Cool, except it's completely filled over and the only reason they know it exists is because they dug for oil and uncovered the geology.
Then, it was back home to get engaged in a huge water fight, which Jake took to like a fish to water (ha, ha), which is somewhat strange since he didn't do so good at the local splashpad last week (we've got to get that one posted, we're behind) at our ChinOkie picnic.
Maybe the fact it was about 20 degrees hotter helped our Waterboy.
We ended the night cooking out and going on an ice cream run.
It was day we never will forget.
Here's some images from our adventures:


The Gang's Momma said...

Catching up on several posts at once. It's been a busy couple weeks here, getting school wrapped up and summer under way.

So sorry about your dog - these furry creatures get right into our hearts, don't they?

Happy Father's Day - such a fun way to celebrate. The day sounded lovely.

And thanks for stopping by. Always nice to hear from another Xian cutie :)

Amy in Arizona said...

Violet - I just got your comment on my blog. Wow! Jake and Presley do look a lot alike! Maybe they are cousins? I remember thinking that when you went to get him, but now seeing update pictures they look even more alike!! It is fun to see kids from the same SWI and wonder. Jake sure is a cutie and looks like he keeps you running!!