Thursday, January 29, 2009

Still sick: Day 3 ...

Jake seems to be feeling a little better today, though the nose is a faucet and I hope it doesn't all drain into his chest. Fever's still hanging on, so we stayed home today.
Here's what we did, in part:

Wow, look what I made:

Oh no! it all comes tumbling down:

Oh well, I'll just put them up then:

Oh no! Mama's got the camera:

Oops, she's still got it:

Looking out at the kittens:

They're silly Mama:


Jolene and Dan Powell said...

Although he's sick, he looks very happy and healthy. Thanks for the update and sharing pictures. He's such a cutie!

Baby J's Mama said...

Poor little guy! Hope he's feeling better again soon -- but it looks like he's managing to have fun anyway! (Those blocks are a major hit over here too, btw.)

Norman, Cheryl, Olivia said...

Yep we have a nebulizer too. Olivia has seasonal asthma but thing works like a charm. A little bit of congestion get it out and two days it is gone. He looks great though!! Hope you feel better soon