Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 4: A turn for the worse and a surprise from Grandpa and Grandma!

Thanks guys for your concern.

Jake woke up really lethargic today and the fever was worse, so we took him back to the doctor and found out he has the beginning of an ear infection (hopefully that explains the fever) and possible RSV, which he tested negative for earlier in the week, but the doctor said it is possible he has a touch of it.
Rather than run the swab again, the doctor said he was going to treat it as if he had the virus and put him on a nebulizer breathing treatment. That, with the other things we've been doing and the antibiotic for the ear hopefully will do the trick.

Meanwhile, he started great guns on supper but only ended up eating his potatoes. He then got his surprise from Grandpa and Grandma.
Here's how it went down:

Baba made pork chops. Sorry Baba, not so much.

Wow! Grandpa and Grandma got me watermelon!

Wait a minute! Is this a trick to get me to eat again?!?

Hey, this is pretty good.

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!

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The Gang's Momma said...

Ohhh, poor baby! So sorry to hear he's under the weather.

I had to laugh at the watermelon pics - that's one food that Li'l Empress can eat TONNNNNS of over and over! In fact, she ate so much one morning at the White Swan, she got sick. And at home, same thing. We have to dole it out in small portions.