Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nothing compares to you – one month home

If someone would have told us (and we actually think she did) that one day we would forget all the pain of waiting for a family, of rejection, of dreams unrealized ... well, we wouldn't have believed her.
But one month after having Jacob, our son, home, we have forgotten all the pain. In fact, we have forgotten life before Jacob. He always has been here. Our dream has come true.
Sunday marked one month of Jacob at home. The day started out as a normal Sunday. We got up after a fairly restless night, and, of course, breakfast was the first thing on our minds — especially Jacob's.
After oatmeal and toast with jelly, we cleaned up and went to church, where it was our first Sunday in the nursery without Ma Ma or Baba. Jake cried a little, but Ma Ma said he would do great with Galin, and he did! He played and listened to music (he now loves to dance!) and learned itsy, bitsy spider.
Afterward, Jake took his first foray into Mexican food, and he loves guacamole. Nothing too spicy, and he danced in the high chair to the festive music throughout his meal.
Jake was sort of a celebrity today, because our newspaper's lifestyles editor (and one of Jake's biggest fans) put together a two-part series based on our blog, and it wrapped up Sunday. At least two people (strangers) commented on meeting the man face-to-face.
We laughed afterward and said he would have to start wearing his new sunglasses as a disguise!
Then it was off to the park to try out the swings (loved it) and the slide (it was big, so he went up and down it with Baba and a big smile plastered on his face.). Jake fed the ducks and watched a pair of geese fight. He saw fountains and waterfalls and probably the biggest time he had was running up and down a long ramp and peering out the fence bars like he was in jail.
We went shopping and got some groceries to wrap up our day. It was long, and he was tired, so we walked around outside when we got home to kind of wind down. After supper, there was an ice cream cone for dessert. All in all, it was a good, fall day.
Perfect to mark a month of Jake in our lives (even though it already seems like a lifetime!)

Here are some pictures of us wrapping up our day:

Jake got a little messy with his ice cream cone, but even after a month he marvels over the coldness of the yummy treat:

Afterward, it was right to the bathtub. Here he is growing a beard. We're not sure what that is on his head:

THE AFTERBATH – Here is our boy. He cleans up really well:


The Gang's All Here! said...

Congrats on J's celebrity-ness!

One word of caution: if going down the slide with Daddy, be sure NOT to place J between Daddy's legs. Our #2 did that at 16 months old and caught his sneaker on the edge of the slide and broke both bones in the lower leg. ER doc said it actually happens a lot more than you ever hear about - the weight of the adult's body is what does it. Grandpa felt really bad for a long time over that one. Who knew?!

Love the ice cream face :)

Special K said...

I know how you feel and couldn't agree more. I can barely remember life before Micah. May you continue to grow together as a family.

Tracy said...

Look at your adorable and sweet celebrity :)