Friday, November 7, 2008

Excuse me, what's that in your ear?

The other day, Jake and I were sitting at the table eating lunch. He really does a pretty good job of feeding himself, so I guess I take it for granted it's all going in his mouth. Anyway, as a treat I gave him some diced pineapple. I turned away for just a second and when i turned back there he was in his highchair, a big grin on his face — and a piece of pineapple sticking in his ear.

Obviously, that's not what we want, but how in the world do you tell him no when you are laughing so hard? I wish the camera had been handy, but it wasn't. I guess now I need to keep the camera with me at all times, because you just never know what you will miss.



JP said...

Life with a 2 year old. Oh what fun your going to have. Yes you should keep your camera handy at all times.
treasure every moment you have, they seem to grow up so very fast.
See you all at Thanksgiving.

Shannon & Dan said...

A picture with pineapple sticking out of the ear would have been priceless! A great one to show to his girlfriend someday! Ha!