Monday, August 18, 2008

Travel is shaping up

We have finalized our travel to and from China. We leave Oct. 2 for Beijing and leave Guangzhou to come home Oct. 16. Coming and going we have connecting flights in Tokyo, so we can say we went to Japan during this trip, too. LOL

Now, Great Wall will firm up our in-China intinerary. They have told us we will meet Jacob Oct. 5 or 6.

We get a couple of days in Beijing, getting to see the Great Wall, Forbidden City and Tianenmen Square before heading to Xian in Shaanxi Province.

It's great to see things coming together.



The Gang's All Here! said...

UGH! We are STILL waiting for TA. Trying to be patient :)

Congrats on the firmed up plans - it must be nice to have an idea of when you will finally hold your little man :)

Special K said...

I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to follow your journey. You're in for the ride of your life.

Norman, Cheryl, Olivia said...

That is so wonderful. It is very exciting time. We are having a wonderful time with Olivia it is all so well worth it. She bonds to me now like she always knew me her whole life

Steph said...

Congratulations on finally having some dates! Exactly 11 months after us! Can't wait to follow your trip. You're travelling at a really great time of year!

FHL said...

I'm thinking this last month will start flying, so hang onto your hats :o) I'm so happy for you both and can't wait to see your family of three all in one photo!