Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still waiting

We're still waiting to hear about the in-China part of our trip. Hopefully, we will know by Friday – that's the plan anyway.

We will be staying at the White Swan in Guangzhou, we do know that much. I know that is where the famous red couch is, but it really doesn't matter to me if we stay there or not. I know they used to give a Barbie with a little Chinese baby to adoptive families (not sure if they still do), but Jacob won't have much use for a Barbie. LOL

Oh well, we are inching closer.



Baby J's Mama said...

You know what comes with that in-China itinerary, right? THE BILL. ;)

Just popping over to your blog to say BYE!! and to tell you that you're probably lucky I'm leaving now. I had a devious thought earlier today to send a care package to your kiddo with some lovely burnt orange apparel. :)

Don't worry, you're safe. Except I will be seeing Angela next week. Hmmmm...... I'll have to keep you guessing and give you a little something extra to look forward to when you get to the SWI!

Take care & I'll "see" y'all soon!

The Gang's All Here! said...

No news here about CA yet. Just heading out the door to work out and wanted to pop in and see what news you all had.

Glad to know things are falling together for you guys. Say hi to Xian for us!

Oh, our agency used the Aurum International Hotel in Xian for their last group - I checked it out last night and it looks gorgeous :) I want a king-sized bed. :)

Special K said...

We got the Barbie when we were there in February. Micah calls it Mama in a box.