Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hello all you sick, twisted freaks

Friday night we braved the fog and rain (and forecast of snow) to travel to Tulsa and see the Glenn Beck Christmas show.
For those who don't know who the heck is Beck, he is a radio talk show host who is simply hilarious (and refers to his audience as fellow sick, twisted freaks - hence the title.) His Christmas show was non-political (there was some politics in the intermission clips on the big screen) and it was simply wonderful.
He talked about cookies, snow, presents and the overall magic of Christmas, which was not about the manger but about the sacrifices the baby in the manger grew up to make. It was a story of redemption, the true meaning of Christmas.
We had a blast (and ate dip-and-dots) and it didn't snow until after we got home again.

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