Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Closer to review

Well, the review part of the adoption is going great guns. October now is officially out of review, according to the CCAA (which stands for China Center of Adoption Affairs, which regulates adoptions in China).
That is October 2006 - yes, something actually happening in 2006! as opposed to referrals, still in 2005.
October 2006 is when we started this wild ride with our first Great Wall China Adoption seminar with Paige. Just think, as all the October 2006 people were logging in, we were just getting started, and now they are finished with review.
Our review will come when they hit April 2007. We kind of hope they ask us a question - just minor, nothing serious - and that way we'll know our dossier isn't just lost in a pile somewhere. :)

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